Joanne Swinney

Age is just a number, isn't that what all the old people say. Joanne is somewhere in the middle. Her friends call her Jo, sometimes Jimmy. That's a story for another day. She's the other half of Joandisalovebooks blog. She loves to read and when she's not reading she's dreaming of reading. Joanne says the best place to lose yourself to a world of fantasy is in a book. She loves her characters to come to life. If she connects with a book the characters become very real to her. Life is one crazy but fabulous ride being a blogger. Besides blogging, Joanne is also PA for Erotic Romance Author Ann Lister and Author Shelly Alexander. Joanne is from newcastle with a Geordie accent. A few people she has had the pleasure of meeting haven't understood her. Luckily for her Isa is a translator. They used to joke about getting Isa a Geordie dictionary. Apparently that is a thing you can buy. She lives with her kindle and her five sons, she means husband. Her husband did make a joke once or twice, maybe more about changing her name to Kindle. She says she always endeavours to give an honest review of books she's read, while staying true to herself and respectful to the Author. Her one and only pet hate is being called a critic.

Joanne's books

Well Played
it was amazing
Her Guardians
it was amazing
Where to start? I suppose it’s always best to go back to the beginning so here it goes. New Author, new series of paranormal young adult romance. I feel like I have hit the jackpot. It’s always exciting to start a new story. The wond...
Hot Shot
it was amazing
This is the first time I have read a book by this Author. I can honestly say it won’t be the last. I have fallen in love the characters from North Ridge. Book one and two in this series will definitely be shooting up to the top on my to ...
A Bear For Christmas: A Shifter Holiday Romance
really liked it
Disappointed!! Why? Because although it says this book is 272 pages that is not how long A Bear For Christmas story is. The end is actually over at 47 percent. I have to say I am only feeling let down because I was thoroughly enjoying th...

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