Monday, 24 November 2014

The Spice Of Life by Jake Furie Lapin.

REVIEWED By Kerry Callaway.

The Spice of LifeThe Spice of Life by Jake Furie Lapin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This debut novel from author Jake Furie Lapin follows his transformation from an unfit submissive into a loving fit Dom.
I liked this book, it was different than other BDSM books I have read before, this was the first novel I have read that has shown how a life's journey can mould a person into a loving dominant.
Kelli is a sex therapist in a sexless marriage, she then meets Jake on a night out and takes him on as a client, this novel describes those encounters with Jake as he relives his journey in those sessions with Kelli. Through Jake retelling his journey Kelli sees that she is missing an emotional connection in her own marriage.
I loved the follow your heart message throughout the book, the way that if we do follow our hearts it can open great opportunities that at the time we don't realise.
I can not wait to read more of the journey between Jake and Kelli.
An amazing debut novel by Jake Furie Lapin.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Extreme Close-Up by Julie Jaret

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives, #1)Extreme Close-Up by Julie Jaret
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my! I really enjoyed this read, I could have actually kept on reading so much more. Mrs Taylor, first name Lisa is a divorcee with a 15 year old son called Jake, who is currently at camp, while Lisa is trying to make ends meet to pay the bills, as her ex husband is late in his child payment, he's an asshole to be honest, so I won't even bother giving you his name. Lisa is a photographer and obviously takes on any jobs that come along no matter how dull and boring. Her best friend, called Natalie is the only excitement in her life, until one day she wakes to the sound of a lawn being mowed, not just any lawn but her lawn in her garden, weird since she would never hire a gardener because of the cost, she goes to tell the man he has the wrong address, she stops dead in her tracks as she appreciates his fine torso, he was seriously hot, she tells him you have the wrong house, he thought she wouldn't be home, all pretty confusing till he takes his shades off and she realises it is Brady now known as Braden her babysitter who she hasn't seen for years, Braden is 23 years old now, Lisa is 17 years his senior . So while reading this great story I find out why Lisa is now divorced, how Braden came to help her out, and read some utterly amazing passionate sex scenes, (boy oh boy!) they were HOT!. I thought I knew how this story was going to end but like every good story, I was so wrong, I actually did want to cry at one point, I was thinking to myself get a grip it has to be this way, I believe this is the sign of a good writer when they evoke emotions from me. I would recommend this book to any reader who likes to read hot sex scenes, loving romance with a great story, and they don't mind the story taking a new direction. Thank you for a great read Julie Jaret can you please write more about Lisa.

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Over-Exposed by Julie Jaret

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

Over-Exposed (Perspectives, #2)Over-Exposed by Julie Jaret
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author really knows how to write a dam good sex scene, I loved reading all about Natalie and Sam.
Natalie is a lawyer, she has wanted to be a partner in her Dad's law firm for almost 4 years, well she thought that is what she wanted, she has worked her ass off, long days, even longer nights, just to receive her Dad's approval, shame he's a stuffy asshole, cause his daughter rocks.
So Natalie likes a little kink, I am not saying what but it is hot, she pretty much looks after herself in every department of her life, Natalie is very pretty and in good shape, does kick boxing to stay in shape, her trainer is a hottie but already taken by another hottie (interesting).
Natalie is not really living her life, all she can think about is pleasing her Dad so he makes her a partner in his law firm. One day on her way to work, she gets stuck in traffic close to the office, she remembers the movie that is being shot outside the building but still there is way to much traffic, turns out this is the day her life is about to change.
She meets Sam Danmore the sexy actor, but she knows him better as man whore or so she believes him to be, he is on the run and ends up in Natalie's car then her apartment hiding out, this is the worst situation Natalie could find herself in, God if her Dad were to find out or even worse the press, she could kiss goodbye to her partnership. It turns out Natalie already knows Sam from a long time ago, when she was about 15 years old and has hated him since that day. Lucky for me I know what happens next, sorry not spoiling this read for you so I definitely recommend you read Over-Exposed, I will say it is a great read filled with hot sex scenes and a great story. Did Natalie get her partnership?, Did she deal with her kink?, What happen with Sam?, What happen between her and Sam?, Ooops you best read to find out. Thank you Julie Jaret for another great read and I'm over the moon with the ending.

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Death Has A Daughter by Candice Burnett

REVIEWED By Tami Baney

Death has a Daughter (DHAD Series)Death has a Daughter by Candice Burnett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book reminded me why I started my reading addiction with paranormal books. I was given a copy for an honest review. The fun thing is that I finished the book and as fast as my fingers allowed I flew to Amazon and purchased book two and didn’t stop reading until I finished. I have to wait until March for the next installment. (pout).
The story revolves around Cendall, the first and only female Grim Reaper. She is a fiery redhead who is stubborn and dedicated. The Reapers go through hard core training and she battles the prejudices as well as the Reaper golden boy and her arch enemy, Drake.
She is taught that Guardians are her enemies as they protect the souls she is assigned to take. What happens when the line between the good guys and bad guys are blurred? The secondary characters are brilliant. I found my self-absorbed in the story. Laughing, crying and just really enjoying this series. To those people that have proclaimed paranormal as a dead genre must not have consulted with the Reapers, Guardians, Angels and Demons. Paranormal has just been reborn!

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

For Luca by Author Soraya Naomi

REVIEWED By Melinda Lazar

  For Luca (Chicago Syndicate, #2)For Luca by Soraya Naomi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For Luca by Soraya Naomi 4.5*

Let me first point out that this book must be read after For Fallon and is the conclusion to Luca and Fallon's story. It was such a great read for me! There was plenty of drama and action and I honestly found myself holding my breath throughout because I just didn't know what the author was going to throw at me next! I have to be honest and admit that Fallon did get on my nerves a bit as she just kept pushing Luca further and further away but I guess that was part of the journey she had to take in order to fully accept who Luca is and what he does. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I absolutely cannot wait for Adriano's story - particularly after the little twist tossed in toward the end of the book! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the series and this story and give it 4.5 stars!

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No Promises Required by Author Cari Quinn

REVIEWED By Melinda Lazar

No Promises Required (Love Required, #4)No Promises Required by Cari Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No Promises Required by Cari Quinn 5*

This is the fourth book in Cari Quinn's Love Required series but can definitely be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed this book! It had perfect amounts of sweet and steamy and down-right sexy! I LOVED that Jill wasn't your typical virgin! She was feisty and wild and was far from afraid to let Bryan know exactly what she wanted! And Bryan? Well, where can I find me one of him? I loved how their relationship rekindled and developed to something so much more. I won't hesitate to recommend this book and give it 5*!

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Laurie's Time by Author Maryann Jordan

REVIEW by Lynette Kelly

Laurie's Time (The Fairfield Series)Laurie's Time by Maryann Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Fairfield series but can be read as a stand-alone.
We start with a very emotional prologue in which A twelve year old Laurie who never knew her father, loses her mother and grandmother in an car accident and is then raised by her loving young Aunt Emma.
Now an adult Laurie has finished college and is leaving her Aunt Emma and all she knows to move to the new town of Fairfield and start a job as an elementary teacher. She's found a flat that she shares with her new friend Carol, and feels like it's her time.
Whilst in a grocery store Laurie spies a very hot man. Rob MacDonald is a sexy fireman but has a player reputation, he spots Laurie and he immediately knows that she is special, not one of his usual hook ups. With his player past and Laurie's determination not to be anyone's fling they both have to work hard to overcome complicated pasts in order to have a happy future.
The prologue immediately pulled me into the book, and I found myself reading into the small hours of the morning unable to put this book down. Laurie's Time appealed to me as I found it emotional enough to make me cry, romantic enough to make me swoon, and with totally steamy sex scenes, well let's just say it was a fantastic read.
I cannot wait to read more of maryanns books.

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Anew:Book One: Awakened by Josie Litton.

REVIEWED By Kerry Callaway

Anew: Book One: AwakenedAnew: Book One: Awakened by Josie Litton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got gifted this book for an honest review.

Omg, I loved this book, I very rarely read futuristic books, so this was a new venture for me. This book is set in the near future so it was easy to read and not too full of futuristic terms that took away from this amazing book and storyline.
I loved that this book is very descriptive especially in the opening scene, it transports you perfectly into this amazing world Amelia wakes up in, you really feel you are waking up there with her.
Amelia wakes up in this strange world unaware of who she is, where or why she has woken up in this place, she then realises she is not alone, enter Ian Slade!!! Omg Ian is an intense man who is seriously hot, he has hidden secrets he is determined not to share with anyone. Ian explains to Amelia that she is a replica of his dead girlfriend Susannah, Amelia then struggles to understand her feelings towards Ian, are they her own or Susannah's replicated feelings??? Regardless of whose feelings they are Amelia and Ian's relationship is sexually explosive and sensual it will leave you totally breathless. Ian finds himself totally confused by Amelia, she should be like Susannah but she is different, her personality is not the same, she is her own person. He helps her develop her own likes and protects her, while all along battling his own demons, desires and attraction to her.
I loved every minute reading this book, it was easy to get lost in this
story and I am definitely glad there are more books to follow in this series. What an amazing start to this series, thank you Josie Litton.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Seek by Clarissa Wild

REVIEWED by Isa Jones

Seek (Delirious, #0.5)Seek by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Clarissa Wild at her BEST

This is a prequel to Snare but let me tell you it's packed with suspense and plenty of dialogue.
Reading through this I couldn't help but feeling constantly at the edge of my seat, I couldn't stopped reading, this is an utterly original story. So many questions, so many possibilities, nothing is what is seems.
The story begins with Lillith stuck in a mental institution with no other memory apart for that of a name, a man, Sebastian Brand, but he is all she thinks about and he is the only thing she cares about, and it seem she is the only one who can see him also, which of course doesn't help when you are treated as crazy and locked up in a looney bin. But why,oh why is it that she is the only one who can see him?, why are all her memories erased apart from the one of Sebastian saving her from a terrible ordeal, and why can Sebastian awaken such deep desires with one simple caress, even one simple word.
This story I may add is not for the faint hearted, but you must keep on reading, this is only the first book a delicious taster, I can guarantee these series will be packed with passion, plenty of dark secrets and such mind games that can turn one delirious.
A fantastic start to the series. Well done Clarissa Wild!!
5***** Isalovesbooks

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The Spice Of Life by Jake Furie Lapin


The Spice of LifeThe Spice of Life by Jake Furie Lapin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well done Author Jake Furie Lapin!!

This book totally took me by surprise!, I have to say this story was not what I was expecting, I was ready to read another typical BDSM novel and what I found completely blew my mind.

What happens when you reach a point in your relationship when your kids have left home and its only you and your partner again?

Kelli Lemberg is a successful sex therapist who has practice in Manhattan. she is trapped in a passionless marriage and whatever attempt on her side to rekindle the fire goes unnoticed by her elusive husband and as a way to bring excitement into her life she subscribes to a dating website; she soon realises this is way out of her league and decides to get on with her life. A chance encounter with the enigmatic Jake Furie awakens feelings and opens her eyes to a life which she never thought it could exist.
For Jake meeting Kerri might not be as coincidental as it seems, and as he requests for Kerri to become his therapist, is through these sessions we have a chance to read of the Transformation from a submissive, out-of-shape man, who was also stuck in a sexless marriage, to a strong, successful, fit, loving Dom, each of his sexual encounters are described in perfect detail, making it difficult for Kerri to keep her composure and difficult for the attraction no to grow with each passing moment, it is in this sessions where we are witness to Kerri's own transformation and where there is only one way to find a true Spice of Life.

This is the first book in the series and it has left me completely wanting more, this is Jake's first published novel also and hands down his writing is flawless, the story is a breath a fresh air within the BDSM genre. In 2015 we will certainly have to look out for this Author because I know there will be plenty of more surprises and a wonderful follow up to this first instalment.

4* Isalovesbooks.

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Anything But Mine by Taryn Elliott

REVIEW BY Melinda Lazar

Anything But Mine (When You're Gone, #1)Anything But Mine by Taryn Elliott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anything But Mine by Taryn Elliot

This is the first book in the new When You're Gone trilogy by Taryn Elliot and it has a bit of a cliffhanger. Now that that's been noted, I LOVED this book! I've yet to read a book written solely by Taryn (only where she's co-authored) but I was far from disappointed. This book ticked so many boxes for me: there was humor, passion, intrigue. And Logan's sexy hands and sexier smile *swoon*. I loved so much about Logan: he was sexy (did I already mention that?!), he was smooth and he could sing. Sure he has his issues, but underneath it all, he's a good person. I really liked Izzy too! Far too often females are written weak and whiney and I did not find that at all in this case. This was an outstanding read for me and I can't wait for the next installment! I would happily recommend and give it 5 sexy stars!

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Gibson's Legacy by K.L. Shandwick

REVIEW BY Joanne Swinney

Gibson's Legacy (Last Score, #1)Gibson's Legacy by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have just finish BETA reading this story, I'm so excited to share with you all. Let me introduce you to Gibson Barclay the new love of my life (only in my dreams). Gibson is the ultimate rock star, he certainly holds the power or does he?, woman literally throw themselves at him, along with their Knickers hehe!! I know right? well in all honesty he can have my whole knicker drawer, the man is a God, he knows a woman's body inside and out, he ozzes charm and sex appeal, he has seduction down to a fine art, but there's more to him than that, he is an amazing musician, thousands and thousands of people want to see him, men only wish they had half of what he has, every woman wants him if only even for a brief moment, Gibson has never even heard the word no, he gets what he wants cause it is pretty much there on a plate for him. Along comes Chloe Jenner, sweet Chloe, bless her, seen too much, heard to much but yet not lived enough. She has a brief encounter which leaves her stunned, no kissing, no touching just staring into the eyes of a man she has confessed to her friends she has fantasised about. Chloe believes that Gibson doesn't even know she exists, living in two completely different worlds Chloe often thinks of him. This story has brought out so many emotions, I have felt moments of sadness followed by happiness, I have laughed out loud, I have even felt worry, yes it is one hell of a story, I think cause it is so close to real life, real emotions, there's no alpha billionaire in this story but there is Gibson God Barclay, events that take place in this story could happen to anyone, I think it is that what makes it all seem so real, that and the fact that KL Shandwick can tell an epic story, I wish I could share so much more with you all but I hating giving out spoilers. Let me just say this book is now in my top five, I definitely recommend this read as it has had me gripped. Thank you for sharing Gibson with me KL, I can't wait to continue following this story.

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Review of For Fallon by Soraya Naomi.

REVIEW BY Melinda Lazar

For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1)For Fallon by Soraya Naomi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For Fallon by Soraya Naomi 5*

I only realized after I read this book that it's the authors debut novel - a huge surprise because in my opinion it was fantastic! There was so much I loved about this book: it was very well-written in a dual POV and character development was spot-on. To use a cliché, the book has love, passion and betrayal. Oh, and a mafia underboss *insert heartfelt swoon over Luca*.

Soraya Naomi really knows how to paint a beautiful picture with her words and you could feel the love Luca & Fallon have for each other with every spoken word and unspoken gesture. For that same reason, you feel the heartbreak when Fallon learns Luca's secret and the heartache he feels trying to protect her.

I just didn't want to put this book down and I read every chance I got. I would not hesitate in recommending it and give it 5 magnifico stars.

Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar  Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn My rating: 4 of 5 stars Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn 4.5* This book was hilar...