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Park Avenue Prince by Louise Bay

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 

Park Avenue PrincePark Avenue Prince by Louise Bay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Blissful stars

By God, she did it again. Louise Bay has an incredible talent for drawing me into her stories to the point I forget there's an outside world, kids and a husband that's waiting to be fed. Oops! But it was so worth it.

Sam Shaw is no reigning prince of any type of monarch. I wouldn't even characterise him as Prince Charming, more a prince among men, and it's definitely fitting that he's the, Park Avenue Prince.

Sam has worked hard to become the successful man he is today. He wasn't born into money, no handouts were offer to him. I'm not even sure he would have accepted any. What stands out the most is everything he tries to avoid in life, love, commitment he does them exceedingly well regardless of what he protests. He loves with passion, he commits to things in the future without even realising its indefinite.

Sam is not only a hot man of defining huge muscles, he's sweet and kind. He has a completely different outlook on life. He's certainly not materialistic, although sometimes furniture does come in handy when you want to bend someone over a sofa let's say.

Grace Astor a beautiful young lady who might have had a completely different upbringing to Sam but they aren't that different. Both having secrets and their own scars that needed healing.
Nothing is ever as it seems on the outside. Sometimes it takes someone special to see past all the makeup and really see what's underneath.

Grace runs her own art gallery. With hard work and determination she's making her like a success without any financial help from her family.
She's has great friends, poor taste in men unfortunately. What stands out the most about her is she's not a quitter. I believe she'd stand strong no matter was thrown her way. It's a quality not many people have because it's easier to give up, move on, forget. Whatever you want to call it. But Grace never lets go and that's why she deserves the love of a prince.

This book was filled with so much love, lust, humour and a storyline that captivated me from the start to finish. There was a moment in this story, I gasped because I just didn't see it coming. I thought back to a time Grace was in Connecticut with Harper and I assumed that was when her life was going to change. But I was so wrong, I was enthralled until I read, 'The End'.
I loved that the characters from, 'King of Wall Street' made an appearance. I mean who could forget Daddy King? Nope not me that's for sure.
I'm excited to see what and whom comes next by this Author.

Ultimate Bliss

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