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Vengeance by Sloane Kennedy


Vengeance (The Protectors #5)Vengeance by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nobody does it better....

Sloane Kenney is the QUEEN of Gay Romance. Hands down she is.

I have read all the books in The Protectors series and every time I think, how is Sloane going to top that last Bestseller book? I get my answer= With another BESTSELLER!!

Vengeance tells the story of 3 formidable characters, Memphis, Brennan and Tristan. Do not even ask me who I would choose as my favourite because in this book all 3 were amazing. I am sheepish to admit that I have a soft spot for the M/M/M stories, don't ask me why, I just know that the whole formula works for me and I love the balance between all 3 individuals; yes you can say there is always a stronger force and one that binds them all together but as you read this story you begin to discover there is more to their exterior and each has a special and unique quality that makes their connection even more special.

A case of mistaken identity which puts Brennan in the brink of dead brigs him closer to Memphis, but as promises are made, revelations come to light, new feelings start to surface & walls begin to crumble, but just as things seem to be going one way an unexpected event brings a new person into the equation; Tristan has known Brennan for many years, their friendship goes deeper than most and Brennan accepts Tristan's painful secret, born with a life threatening disease, Tristan has been forced to live in a "bubble", relationships are difficult to come by, so when a relative from his past makes an appearance, Tristan is delighted, but when this person puts him in the path of danger things turn very bad for him. Brennan can't cope seeing Tristan down, his one resort it to get him protection and there is only one person he can trust with someone as important as Tristan...Memphis.

Sloane constructs this story with such finesse and intensity she doesn't leave one detail out, each scene is perfectly and beautifully played out for the readers pleasure with the right amount of passion and sensuality. The chemistry between the leads is explosive which is just a bonus to the cleverly written storyline.

Don't take my word for it, numbers speak for themselves, Vengeance is a #1 Bestseller and is still rocking the charts, read it, enjoy it and fall in love. WELL DONE SLOANE FOR ANOTHER WINNER!

5 STARS. Isalovesbooks.

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