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Descent And Desire by Angelique Voisen


Descent and Desire (The Gifted, #2)Descent and Desire by Angelique Voisen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An interesting take on paranormal. I enjoyed the character interaction, some dramatic and humor. “My thing?” Gavin grinned in spite of the situation, and Charlie found herself grinning back.
Perhaps sometimes one needed humor even in dire situations.
The battle scenes were well written and exciting. Kathryn pressed a hand over the creature’s chest, her brows furrowed with concentration.
“Why are you healing it?” Charlie asked, flabbergasted. The wounds didn’t close though. Howling in pain, the creature’s body shuddered violently, and then went still.

"An anomaly born to a family of seers and healers, Kathryn Axel has only been allowed to live because of a prophecy, and prophecy demands betraying her friends and sacrificing the man she loves."

Kathryn having been told the prophecy at a young age knew the it foretold her death and that of the one she loves. To save herself additional heartbreak she refuses to let Gavin near her heart. She has avoided physical or emotional contact with Gavin her whole life until she just can't resist him any longer. Kathryn, trying to protect her friends, doesn't tell them the entire prophecy either so they can enjoy their lives and not be aware of their impending deaths. But there comes a time when the truth must be revealed to all.

I enjoyed Descent and Desire and look forward to more from this author. I would recommend this novella to all paranormal romance readers.

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