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Falling by Allyn Lesley


FallingFalling by Allyn Lesley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Falling by Allyn Lesley was an interesting read.

There were A LOT different themes going on in this book. Infidelity, a little cradle-robbing, drugs, death, name it, it was in this book. I had a very hard time connecting with the main characters, Chelsea and Dyllan but I did get caught up in some of the detailed tellings of Dyllan's personal struggles and demons.

At 17, initially, Chelsea is naïve, immature and very bland. We know nothing about her. We know she goes to university, her age, what she looks like (sort of) and her parents names, but that's about it. We know more about Dyllan, because FALLING is told from his POV. There was much more character depth for him, and most of the time I empathized with him and the rough life he lived through. He's believable and tangible, real and raw.

The time lines we went through were jumpy and miss-mashed. However, there was a lot of growth involved in Dyllan's character and it made up for the lack of depth the overall story.

I have to say I did really love Dyllan's adopted family. What lovey hearts and souls they all had. The bond his mother, father and especially his two brothers had with Dyllan was quite lovely and genuine.

I'm giving this a 3 because I believe there is a good story here. Some of the puzzle pieces are missing, but I liked some of the key characters and you can tell a solid effort was made.

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