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Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner


Miss HollywoodMiss Hollywood by Marie Garner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner
2 Stars

I wish I had more good things to say about this book.
I didn't really get into at all. I had a hard time with the back and forth between the points of view. It's difficult to tell a story from multiple POV, and while I appreciate the effort, it wasn't very clean.

Alex was sweet but troubled. Clare was Naive and immature. Their back and forth really got on my nerves and the ending was so lack luster. I kept wanting and waiting for...more...I feel like even though their pasts were drawn out and forthcoming, I didn't really know the characters at all. There was no connection for me and I actually liked the sub characters more than the mains.

I struggled with this book. Took me a week to finish. Which is NOT like me at all. There were also Some continuity issues as well.

I do commend Garner for writing though. I cannot imagine what it takes to complete a novel. I just wish she took more time, made it from Clare's POV only and had a better flow to the whole story.

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