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A Dangerous Bargain by J.S. Scott

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

A Dangerous Bargain (The Sentinel Demons, #1)A Dangerous Bargain by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Demon Stars

This is the Beginning of The Sentinel Demons Series and what fantastic start. I loved reading this paranormal romance.
This book takes you on a fabulous journey of good and evil demons. I think there is a little demon in all of us. Some use it for the greater good and then there are those that choose to take their inner demon and do unspeakable things to humans.
The sentinels try to protect the humans. Sometimes preventing events before they take place but mostly they are forever on rescue missions.
Zach is a recruiter of sentinels but for some reason is boss and King of the Sentinels, Kristoff sends him on a rescue mission.
He feels inadequate for the job but he would never let Kristoff down.
All becomes clear when he comes face to face with his radiant. A Sentinels mate. Zach has never wanted to have a mate. He suffered dearly when he was younger losing his sister. He carries so much guilt around it eats away at him.
He knows deep down that no one could love and protect his radiant like him but what kind of life would it be like to be stuck with a demon.
I'd say a fantastic one. The man is in fact a demon but his the good kind using his powers to protect others. He is super hot, caring, loving and the most fantastic lover, taking care of his woman's needs first. AND he is loaded, the man has millions. What's not to like? Exactly, nothing. Let's get mated!
Zach has two brothers, Drew and Hunter. They are not blood related but they are family all the same. They are there for one another and have been for years.
Kat is being haunted by demons in her dreams or should those be nightmares. Jesus imagine not knowing what is real and what isn't.
She is going to make a bargain with these evil demons to save her nephew but she doesn't realise that there is no danger for him, only she will be a danger if she makes the deal, they will use her then kill her when she is no longer useful.
Zach comes to rescue her but she thinks he is the demon and yes he is but not the kind that was in her nightmares.
She finds herself attracted to him but knows once the week is over she will be sent home. No point in getting attached no matter how nice he is to her.
If you love paranormal romance this is the book for you.
Drew's story can be read next in 'A Dangerous Hunger' then Hunter's story in 'A Dangerous Fury.

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