Monday, 21 September 2015

Fade To Red by Willow Aster


Fade to RedFade to Red by Willow Aster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Rocking Stars

Fade to Red, Willow Aster's most recent release gives us a little visit with my beloved Ian and Sparrow from one of my most favorite books True Love Story.

Beckham Wood's is a rock star that has been living the dream for almost 20 years. He is clean and sober now and trying to decide what to do with his future. Beckham, to me, is very vulnerable and I loved that. I loved that he would relapse and struggle back and his emotional weakness. It endeared me to him to live through the times he was being a jerk, LOL.

"He'd been so high, he didn't even know where they'd come from, and in the light of day, they looked worse than he felt. Disgusted with himself, he checked himself into Hazelden and got clean."

Roxie Taylor dreamed of being a dancer but became pregnant and had to give up her dream to be a mother. She is given the opportunity to live her dream after years of pushing it aside for her son Leo. Roxie is the picture of strength and perseverance. She has one little weakness...Beckham.

"I've...lost my mind...about you. Again."

Leo, Roxie's son, is funny and clever and I love him.

There is an mystery/thriller going on as well as the Beckham and Roxie emotional tennis match. Both of these keep you turning pages and not being able to put your kindle down.

I loved getting to spend some time with Ian, Sparrow and their baby.

Thanks for another great read Willow!

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