Twice As Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel by R. Weir


Twice As Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel (#3)Twice As Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel by R. Weir
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This is the 3rd book in the Jarvis Mann Detective Series and I feel it is the best one so far. Each book gets better.
Jarvis is a detective that runs his business out of his own apartment.

In this book he actually has two different investigations going. During this investigations he pulls in characters from the first two books. It was great to re-visit them.

He investigates his landlord Kate's husband as she knows he is up to no good and wants proof so she can get him out of her and her children's lives.

At the same time he is contacted by his police officer friend, Bill, who has helped Jarvis out quite a bit in the past on his cases, to help him locate his missing son, Ray.

During all this Jarvis is working on repairing his relationship with Melissa. Whom we are introduced to in the 2nd Book.

Both investigates are full of twists and danger.

This is very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Great job!

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