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The Billionaire's Deal:The Complete Story by Crystal Kaswell

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

The Billionaire's Deal: The Complete StoryThe Billionaire's Deal: The Complete Story by Crystal Kaswell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC copy for an honest review.

Wow. Wow. Wow!! You think when you've read about one Billionaire you've read them all but that is not the deal.
The deal is Blake is one hot billionaire that will change not only his own life but the life of Kat.

Kat has a sad story to tell now looking after her younger sister, making sure she stays on the right path and studies hard so she has more options in life.
She works very hard trying to pay the bills and always looking for better paid jobs. Waitressing doesn't pay a lot of money but she's surviving, just.
Kat has a lovely personality, very caring, always putting others first. This girl needs some tending loving care herself.

Blake is your typical billionaire,dominate alpha male. He is completely dangerous for Kat not in the physical sense but emotionally she is heading for heart break. He is so closed off, he might as well hibernate in his office for all eternity. He has not had an easy life as we find out when reading this book. Blake's mother, Meryl had an awful marriage and this definitely had an impact on him while growing up. His sister, Fiona well I kind of don't like her, she has an awful personality, making Kat uncomfortable at every opportunity. She also is living through a dreadful marriage but still no excuse for her behaviour.

Blake offers Kat a job and it's no nine to five office job. She has a lot to think about. Wanting to give her sister the best life she must consider everything he is offering her. Money is the root of all evil, isn't that what people say, along with money makes the world go round, both these are so very true. Money can solve many problems but also it can be the cause of so many. People that have money never think about what they need because to them it's a want but people who are less fortunate think about what they need not want. Kat is thinking about what she and her sister need while Blake is thinking about what he wants.

Kat is looking for the fairy tale life, she's not that naïve where she thinks it will ever happen but a girl can still dream. She has never been in love, she never went to college, she hasn't had time really with looking after her sister. If anyone deserves a great life it's Kat.

I enjoyed reading Kat and Blake's story. There was laughter and sadness. The characters are described brilliantly. My image of Blake is now engrained in my mind ready for some sweet dreams tonight.

Thank you for sharing Blake. I would love to hear more.

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