Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Closet Confession by Kindle Alexander

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Closet ConfessionCloset Confession by Kindle Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confession time!! I want more, I am stamping my feet this book was over way to quick for my liking LOL! It is a shorter read than I am used to by this Author but just as brilliant.

Derek and Justin YUM YUM! Derek is a Doctor working in Hospital emergency. Always busy tending to patients through the night. This man needs a break. He's super hot and caring but alas he's Gay. Story of our lives people but he's out of the closet and proud.

Justin is ex military now working as a nurse in the same Hospital as Hot Doctor Derek. He is still adjusting to life outside of the military. You hear of people struggling with this and many need counselling to help them adjust but Justin doesn't want that.
Nobody knows Justin is Gay so the female nurses are swooning over him, hell I know he's Gay and I am still swooning.

If I had to describe this story in one word it would be BEAUTIFUL! Romance isn't just for traditional male and female couples. Same gender relationships can also be just as romantic.

Derek has a friend called Tristan who I was briefly introduced to while reading this book. He has his own story to tell in a book called Secret. You guessed it I will definitely be reading that book. Oh my forever growing TBR but so worth it.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful book Kindle Alexander. I enjoyed Derek and Justin's journey so much you have left me wanting more.

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