Waiting For Him by Samantha Cole


Waiting For Him (Trident Security #3)Waiting For Him by Samantha Cole
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This book is the 3rd book in the Trident Security Book but is easily a stand alone. I did not read the first two books in the series prior to reading this book (though I am reading them now because I love this series and fell in love with all the characters).

Ben Michaelson (Boomer) best through growing up was Alex Maier. During high school Boomer fell in love with Katrina, Alex's sister. They had their future all planned out. Just before Boomer left for basic training the whole Maier family was killed in a car accident.

After Boomer's Service in military he joins a Security Group. It's way too easy to give spoilers out on this book so I'm just going to say that when Boomer shows up to meet a new client that client is a 'ghost' from his past. The story really takes off from there.

This Security Group also owns a BDSM VIP Club which adds a whole other level of 'hotness'.

I consider this book a 'must' read.

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