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September-The Series by Andrea Smith writing as Graysen Blue


September - The SeriesSeptember - The Series by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I absolutely loved this story. The Title had me completely intrigued and the story indeed was an intriguing one.

I am sure there will be people who will talk about the Taboo topic, however, in order to totally understand the events of this romantic story, one must embark in this tale of love. LOVE has many faces and we can't control who we fall in love with, nor the time when this will occur. We only know we will do pretty much everything for the recipient of that love, and that if it is the right thing it will provide us with a force so strong we can fight any battle of goliath proportions, as nothing will stand in our way and nobody will be able to break that bond.
September loved someone like this, his name was Jesse Ryan, he was her stepdad, and this is their story....

One day September's world is turned up side down when her mom decides she pretty much had enough and takes off with another man to an unknown destination. For someone so young, September however handles the situation surprisingly well, she's told to never reveal why she left and with who. In those crucial moments September has to grow up and take care of her younger half sister Scout and wait for her stepfather Jesse to come home and face the fact that the woman he loved has left him without remorse.
Things pretty soon become quite obvious for Jesse and he has to make an important decision, he can't keep September, she needs to go and stay with her grandparents where she will get the best education and will be with someone who is related to her. This is a devastating blow to September but as a child she has no say in what she wants. Fast forward time, September is in her last year of high school, Jesse who has put his affairs in order needs some help around the house and someone to look after Scout for the summer and September seems like the best choice. Little do they know destiny is about to knock on their doors and their lives will be forever changed.
As September is physically changing, so does her feelings towards Jesse, he has always been there for her and was always attentive, but now things seem awkward and she feels this pull towards him that is totally alien to her, Jesse can't seem to understand this alpha traits and complete possessiveness towards September either.
They will both have to come to terms with what they are feeling. People around them will not be understanding and there is always someone lurking in the shadows wanting what other people have. All these external factors will play an important role in the culmination of this story, when hopefully we will find out if they will succumb to the only true sin, Not going for what they love.

Andrea Smith is a wonderful writer. She makes this such an easy to read, at the same time having you at the edge of your seat rushing to read faster to the next chapter. Each dialogue is delivered flawlessly and each character is very well portrayed, there are plenty of steamy moments and these will have you looking for that September breeze. This is no easy story to tell and yet through her hand it seems effortless task. I am delighted to have found my new Book Boyfriend and can't wait to read the concluding part of this scorchingly magnificent book.



WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS (Book 2 In the September Series)

"A TOTAL PAGE TURNER, I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN" Once Again Andrea Smith delivers a fantastic storyline with plenty of depth and with every ingredient to make this a top rated book.

In this second instalment of the September Series, the story reaches its climax and we rewarded with a nail bitting plot and with an EPIC finale!

September is ready to start her freshman year in college and at her stepsister insistence she decides to remain close to her and of course Jesse. Jesse seems to be growing his business and becoming very successful and he has finally given into the desires September ignites in him, and even though thoughts of what society or family might think still plague his mind, time with September seems to stand still when they are together. For September being with Jesse is all she has ever dreamed of but his insecurities regarding their age difference and fears of committing the same past mistakes are a constant barrier to eternal happiness and soon things become even more difficult when a person from their past re-apears putting a hold to their relationship.

September will have to take drastic measures in spite of her love for Jesse in order to protect herself and her heart. But heartbreak is sometimes all it takes to give one a wake up call, and soon Jesse is faced with the painful reality of a life without September.
Secrets are revealed as new ones are kept. But can we really put a time frame on love? Time or distance doesn't change such strong feelings and Jesse will stop at nothing until he has September back where she belongs.

There are many songs about September out there, but whilst reading this book a particular tune kept playing in my mind, September Morn by Neil Diamond and I will close my review with a line which in my opinion says it all: "We Traveled halfway round the world to find ourselves again". I loved September's and Jesse's journey and I was delighted to have taken this trip with them.


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