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September-The Series by Andrea Smith writing as Graysen Blue

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

September - The SeriesSeptember - The Series by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twelve months in a year and the most common name given using the months of the year would be, June. Many Junes are born in June LOL. Confused, Oh I am only just beginning.
The main character in this book was born in September and guess what her name is? Yes, September. Well it's certainly unique. In all fairness when reading this story the name suits her. She's beautiful and bright like a summers day. Oh how poetic of me.
I did not want to put this book down, it captured me from the very first page. Imagine not knowing something but thinking you know and then thinking 'NO WAY!! LOL. Well this book had me thinking all sorts. What is right?, What is wrong? Who makes those decisions? it's a minefield of P's. Let me explain.
First off you have all probably heard the word 'TABOO' before, it means Prohibited which in basic terms means forbidden. Well the circumstances in this book are definitely frowned upon and people will judge but it's not forbidden by any law. Second 'P' Principle meaning a moral code of conduct, yes folks I've been chewing up my dictionary today just for you guys. So some people will have principles and stick to them BUT has love ever come into it because let's face it when our hearts are involved all rational thought is out the window. Third 'P' Private, something you do not want made public knowledge and believe when I say the other main character in this book, Jesse does not want anyone finding out. Jesse also brings me to my fourth 'P' Protector this can mean defender, guardian. When we say guardian we tend to think of parents and as parents we are protectors. You all still with me? My final 'P' is Promise, such an easy word to say but has a very heavy meaning. When I say this book promises to open your eyes and drop your jaw, I mean it.
Not everyone has the same lifestyle, it's what makes us all different. September has not had the happy family environment that so many take for granted. Her mother, Libby left when she was so young leaving her and her four year old sister, Scout behind. Jesse is Scout's biological dad but not September's.
Jesse was completely in love with Libby, the only woman he has ever loved has up and left. Things are tough but he looks after Scout well. Leaving September with her grandparents. He ripped her heart out and was totally unaware. September has always felt like she never belonged and God only knows who her real father is or where he is.
One summer, years later Jesse asks September if she would like to stay with him, help out with Scout. Earning her some extra money.
Turning nineteen her life is about to change FOREVER.
Now try not to be to judgemental till you have read the complete story. Not everyone can find happiness with the boy next door. Oh which reminds me, Jesse's neighbour, Casey, what a conniving, spiteful woman she is. Not that I condone violence but that woman needs a slap. Who wants to know more? Well I am not telling, I can not begin to tell you how much I am bursting to give you all the details about this book but I can't. YOU NEED TO READ! I am off to read book two in this series and I can't wait. My final note is to the Author Andrea Smith. OMG! Woman you really know how to write an EPIC book. THANK YOU.

WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS (Book 2 of the September Series)

Let the sinning commence. The only sin I can think of is not reading this book. It was brilliant with sinners at every turn. The mother, the neighbour, the friend. September and Jesse's world is full of them. Two people that love each other with everything they have end up not being able to have what they most want in the world, each other.
Now if you've read book one in this fantastic series, you are not going to be able to put this book down.
Yes it's a complicated relationship but you tell me what relationships aren't. Forget who's related to who, there is no crime here, only love.
September is at college, meeting new friends, working hard and missing Jesse terribly. Jesse is working hard, ignoring the wife LOL, it's only on paper people, the woman abandon them all years ago, let's not forget. He is trying to forget all about September and failing miserably. He will always love her, that much is very clear.
The grandparents of September and Scout are desperate for Jesse and Sarah, formally known as Libby, to rekindle their love and give the marriage a second chance. Pfffft not in this life time. Sarah would jump at the chance but no way is Jesse that stupid. He is a caring, loving man but he no longer feels anything for her, she's Scout's mother and that's it.
September hates her mother with a passion and in all honesty she has valid reasons. I don't think she will ever forgive her.
God knows what the neighbour Casey is up to now, befriending Sarah, that woman wants Jesse all to herself, HA! another big fat NO. I think they are all forgetting one very important detail here, he's found real love and when that happens nothing can compare. So all the women that seem to be in heat around Jesse need to take a cold shower and quick. I just had mine haha!! Seriously the man is HOT!!
Them rip off your clothes moments melted my panties. He's got everything any woman would want in a man, hard working, great father, helps around the house, fun to be with, caring, loving, pleasing to the eyes and an exceptional lover. What more could a girl want? Oh yeah for him to divorce his wife, that might help.
September has yet another secret and Jesse is about to find out, giving September no option but to do as he says. Dominant Jesse is in the house, I love it.
Bless Scout she's a great kid, probably knows a lot more than she should but that's life. Sometimes it's best to be open and honest because you want your children to do the same.
September may have ended but the love in this story will last a life time. Happy smiles all round for a fantastic ending. I am now looking to see what other books this Author has written as her writing is off the charts epic. I recommend you pick up a book by Andrea Smith today. Thank you for once again for another awesome book.

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  1. I'm blown away! Thanks so much for loving my Jesse and September!! Fantastic review!


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