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Disheveled by Eva LeNoir


Disheveled (#UCC Saga 1)Disheveled by Eva LeNoir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The perfect story with the perfect plot!

WOW! This book indeed was brilliant. this is the first book I read by Ms LeNoir and although I knew the writing was going to be superb (after reading Black Balled who she co-wrote with Andrea Smith), the plot had me in stitches!

We have two very loveable characters, Delilah and Cole, who have been roommates and best friends for a while, yes I know what you are thinking, there is an attraction blah blah, well yes you are right, BUT, Delilah doesn't really want to act on her emotions, she knows Cole is nothing but trouble and that he is the type of person who will sleep with a broom in skirt if the opportunity would arise, Cole is not giving any indication that he is the slightest interested in her or that he feels any attraction towards her, so after seeing all her friends "more or less" settled down and happy, she decides to take the bull by the horns and register in an online dating service.
As soon as she clicks ENTER the story moves at an incredible pace and Eva makes the reader completely addicted to the story.

The interactions between Cole and Delilah are comical, and the dialogues are so well delivered and funny you can't help but want to read on to know what is on the next chapter, you think you have it all figure it out, but there is more to Cole that meets the eye and the result is completely unexpected, he plants the seed of doubt in Delilah's mind and you are second guessing at his intentions.
I am a big movie buff, and there were so many movie references I loved every minute of it, I can only tell you you will never watch another Star Wars movie the same way again!

With love, laughter, passion and a Happily ever After, Disheveled is a story that shouldn't be missed!

And in the words of Yoda:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The Empire Strikes Back



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