Wednesday, 4 April 2018

DITCHED by R.C. Boldt

Tina Shobe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ivy along with her foster sister, Darcy and friend, Leif found a successful nitch with their business Ditched. If you have a relationship that has run it's course and you're not sure how to end things gracefully, without drama, without backlash Ditched is who you call.

Becket Jones is NFL guarterback. This guy is not the typical big headed, strut their stuff sports star. He's very down to earth. Super nice guy and to put the cherry on top he's very good looking. ~sigh~

Due to her past Ivy does not do relationships and avoids the limelight at all cost. Becket is the opposite in regards to relationships. He's doesn't do one night stands.

I absolutely love the banter between these two. I also love the way Becket actually 'sees' Ivy and knows when to push and not to push.

As you read along you get trickles of Ivy's past but you know there's more to it and when she comes out in the open with it I was gutted for her but I was also so very proud of her of no longer letting it control her life and any possible future she has.

I also feel the secondary characters really added to this story. Blue is my girl!

When their present blows up they have to either work together or getting ditched.

This is the type of book I absolutely love. As I read along it just kept getting better and better.

Just going to put a thought out would be awesome if Darcy has a story that involves either Dax or Tank.

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