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Sparks Fly by Lauren Runow

Tina Shobe 

Sparks FlySparks Fly by Lauren Runow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's Prince Sage's duty to marry before his 25th Birthday. His bride-to-be must be of certain lineage. He has to chose between 4 candidates.

Everly is not thrilled to be one of the candidates, though her mom, sees this opportunity as Everly's life to take a much higher path than her own. Her mom left royalty behind to marry Everly's dad, a commoner.

What I really like Everly's character is that she is comfortable in her own skin. She is her own woman and doesn't change herself to please anyone not even the King. Which puts her out of the running, not that she cares. She only wants to marry for money.

Through solving a puzzle she gets to know Sage without knowing that it's really him.

What impressed me about Sage is that he is very dedicated to helping others. Even when he wasn't allowed to help others in his country due to his father's idea of what their 'image' should he traveled to other country's to provide help where needed. His greatest dream is to become King and use his time as reign as a period of change for his country and the citizens.

Together Sage and Everly connect on so many levels and you can just invision the many great changes the country will have with them in control. Sage's father is going to do everything in his power to make sure they do not end up together. Sage is just as determined to prove love can conquer all.

I just want to say that the King is ruthless and Marie is appalling. I also love Sage's partners in crime, Logan and Joey.

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