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The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

Micky Barnard  

The Perfect FindThe Perfect Find by Tia Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4-4.5 stars

Another author recommended this book and having noted it a while ago, I’m glad I decided to follow up on it because this book is a lot of things. It’s age difference, it’s so incredibly funny and it about impossible love. I savoured this read because I lacked reading time and really this helped me dwell in the book for a week.

I love an older woman, younger man trope and this book worked that angle so damn well. Age isn’t their only complication, being colleagues and a familial connection makes this ten times worse. These two however, bond over friendship, similarities, shared love of things and it’s a lovely slow spiral. There’s a fair amount of spatting too.

“Look,” said Eric, “we had such a promising start to this conversation. We can’t do yesterday again. I have banter burnout.”

And banter is right, the dialogue and interactions were everything and so well written.

Jenna is such a ‘real’ character, flawed, sometimes ridiculous with a huge heart. I found her to be a strong woman, such that I could be satisfied with her decisions. She had learnt what she didn’t want in life and sought better; I admired her. Eric was a hot, immature and yet sweet guy, he grew on me. These two together were something but more than that there was a longing, a deeper connection.

“It was like she’d left her personality in a cab somewhere years ago, and he’d found it, dusted it off, and delivered it to her doorstep wrapped in a red velvet bow. She felt alive, understood, -and drop-dead sexy.”

So, this is contemporary romance done good, it felt different to what’s generally out there and I devoured that spark of uniqueness and humor. Highly recommended.

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