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Crushed by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Crushed (Evermore, #1)Crushed by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Author could write a shopping list and I would pay to read it. I don't even think about will I like her next book, I see a pre order and I am on it, like a tramp on chips. No messing around, that One-Click button gets hit faster than you can say 'Crushed'.

I am super excited about this new series. After reading this first instalment, I am desperately hungry for so much more. I love it when an Author can come up with original ideas. A completely new story with all the elements that keep me hanging on the edge of my seat.

A young girl named, Neely tells us a story that will not only bring sadness to your heart for the way her Mother treated her, but it will also melt your heart when you read of the love that blossoms through her teenage years. It's a beautiful read and I can tell there are lots of adventures to come. Specially after reading a sneak preview of book two that's at the end of this book. I would not have expected that, but that's what I love about this Author. She constantly surprises me, it's like going to an adventure playground and every ride is different. The rollercoaster ride that has your stomach turned upside down, the waltzer that leaves you dizzy, the water log that gets you wet. Oh!! You did not just use the water log as an analogy for wetness? hehe! I most certainly did folks.

Neely meets a young boy called, Seth. They are friends for so long, I wasn't sure things would go to the next step, but I also sort of knew he liked Neely more than just as friends. Seth has huge dreams for his future and just like Neely, I hope he fulfils all his dreams, but I am also kind of hoping that he never forgets Neely, because I am one hundred percent certain that, Neely will never forget Seth.

When parents divorce it can affect children in different ways. I suppose it all depends on how amicable the separation/divorce is. Unfortunately with Neely's parents or at least for the mother it was anything but amicable.

A young Neely is finding her way in life and the room for mistakes to be made is huge. Life is all about lessons and, I for one can't wait to see what Neely does next. I actually have no clue what will happen, when it will happen, I just know it's going to be an exciting adventure that I am going to take every page of the way.

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