Monday, 14 November 2016

Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Stroked Hard (Stroked, #3)Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been waiting to hear Hollis' story since the first book. In that one, he is so cocky and smart and funny, but you just know that there is more to this man. And that is why I was so glad that he is the one to round off this series, because he is the whole package!

Hollis is raised from a loving home that worships everything he does, even his twin sister, Holly - yes their parents went there! It is the support of his family that keep him grounded in the Olympic world. And then he meets Melony when he attends a photo shoot for Reese. He is captivated from the start......but its not reciprocated, much to his dismay. Even though Melony has a loving and supportive mum, she has issues with commitment and worthiness. It is a long and hard process for Hollis to win Melony over, and in the process, we get a funny and sweet story. You will love Hollis, not only for his super fit athletic body, but his charm will win you over. He's funny and quick with his wit but also has a very soft and romantic side that I find very sexy! Melony's issues are true and real, and if it was solved easily, it wouldn't feel authentic. She needs to understand how Hollis is in for the long haul.

I know I am going to be thinking of these characters for a long time to come. These three Olympians have not only won gold but have won the hearts of their girls, and me! There is a bonus epilogue that is written for pure pleasure. Though, I would have liked one that was further along, with maybe a wedding, a proposal and a baby. That's when you know you have an awesome series, when you just want more and more from them.

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