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Baller Made by Rie Warren


Baller Made (Bad Boy Ballers, #3)Baller Made by Rie Warren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Baller Made is the 3rd book in the Bad Boy Ballers Series. Even though this can be a stand alone I highly recommend you read them in order. You'll get more out of the book.

Calder Malone is rebuilding his football career after his life spiraled out of control after his brother, Chris, loss his life while serving in the military overseas.

Calder has been secretly in love with Reggie since they were kids. She was unaware of his feelings, fell in love with Chris and married him. She is now a military widow that is a first class dancer in Las Vegas.

Calder is doing his best to keep Reggie at arms length. With the distance between them that helps. Reggie is injured and decides to surprise Calder but showing up on Calder's doorstep to recover and to check for herself that he is doing okay.

It doesn't take long for the sexual tension to build up, though I will say that Calder sure has a strong will. A very honorable man. He strongly feels that taking his relationship with Reggie to another level is taboo as she is his brother's widow. Reggie is doing her best to convince him, along with his fellow team mates that there is nothing wrong with them being together. I absolutely love the advise he gets and the crap his teammates give each other.

I love that we got to revisit/catch up with Rafe and Peyton, Brooklyn and Delaney, and the rest of the Carolina Crush Team. Though I think my favorite character is Peyton's best friend, Philomena (Phil). She is absolutely hilarious! I was really hoping she would get her own story in this series.

I was really sad that this series has ended but was glad that in the last chapter we get glimpse in everyone's future.

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