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Train Wreck by T. Gephart


Train WreckTrain Wreck by T. Gephart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

TRAIN WRECK by T. Gephart was soooo much fun! I laughed out loud, I swooned and I swore! The opening scene and subsequent light bulb moment from our eccentric lead Eve, was hilarious-as awful as the situation was, and it the end, it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Can a rich person be an artist? Can they FEEL? Are they capable of emotion? Some say NO. Eve is NOT a struggling artist. She has everything she wants at her finger tips. Except depth, creativity and talent-so say the reviewers and critics after her horrific debut art show. Destroyed and defeated, she looks for some comfort in her "boyfriend", Oliver. Except Oliver has other things on his mind, and ahem, on his body. After some soul searching, and the efforts from a interesting "friend", she finds a way to move on and move up!

Eve is a fabulous character. Resilient, resourceful, funny and smart. Josh, the hot tattoo artist she happens to come across seems to agree. But, after agreeing to mentor her for a bit, to help her get her groove back, he decides that even though she is GORGEOUS, he can't sleep with her because ooooopppsss, she is now his employee-secretary can now be added to her resume. Josh was in a bind at his shop, and Eve was recently rewarded a leave so it all worked out. Except-when two people are extremely attracted to one another, it usually only ends up going one way ;)


Josh. Josh. Josh. You were the greatest. I have a HUGE crush on you. Not just on your beautiful body, but because of your brilliant mind and generous heart. Always there when Eve needed you and you never really had your own drama. Drama free men are a real turn on! I loved how you cared your friends and Eve and it was such a nice experience being able to watch you help Eve grow into the stronger, tougher girl she was always meant to be.

Solid read. Super sexy. Loved the characters and the writing flowed beautifully. I was sucked right in from the beginning and I loved the journey I was taken on. The end was a little rushed for me. I would have loved a little longer epilogue, but all in all, fabulous!

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