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Bullets & Bonfires by Autumn Jones Lake


Bullets & BonfiresBullets & Bonfires by Autumn Jones Lake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm just going to start off saying OMG you've got to read this book! I was drawn in from the very first and didn't put this book down until the end.

Brianna (Bree) Avery is returning home after her ex boyfriend assaulted her. Her brother, Vince, has asked his best friend, Deputy Sheriff Liam Hollister to look after her until he can get home. Liam has been fighting his attraction to Bree since childhood. In the past he chose his friendship with Vince over a possibility of a more than friendship relationship with Bree. Bree thinks that in the past he pushed away her advances because he wasn't attracted to her.

Liam is the true alpha male but he knows just the right ways to take care of and manage Bree. Manage sounds terrible but that is really what he is doing. He's getting her to open up about what happened to her, to take self defense lessons and to shoot a gun, among other things.

Bree is going through all the emotions of an abused person. Her self esteem is low. She's embarrassed. Especially after the childhood she had. It doesn't take long for this young lady to show just how strong she is.

I love Liam's parent's. They've always thought of Bree and Vince as part of their family and the advise his mom gives Bree is wonderful and just what she needs to hear.

It takes quite a bit of convincing on Bree's part to get Liam to act on their feeling. He soon realizes that she is more important than anything else in his life.

The intrigue in this book left me glued to my seat. I was so scared for Bree. She proved just how tough she really is.

I wondered why Vince seemed to be staying away from home. I couldn't figure out if he really couldn't get away from work or if because of dealing with what he had to deal with his Mom growing up that he couldn't deal with the possibility that Bree was going down the same path. I really hope there is a book with Vince's story in the future.

This is the first book I have read by Autumn Jones Lake and I am extremely glad to say I will now be stalking her. I love her writing style and absolutely loved this book!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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