Thursday, 6 July 2017

Detour by Sid Love

Reviewed by Joanne Swinney 

DetourDetour by Sid Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Being a blogger you’d think I would have learned to read the full blurb, but nope I see something I like or hear about and I am all over it. Actually if I’m honest I am pleased I never read the blurb because it would have deterred me from reading this fantastic story.

The rape scene did have me upset but not as bad as I thought it would have. I think because this Author has written it with care and immediately drew me into the story, as well as given me a time out from the harshness that is all to real in this world.

So, many events happened in this book. It’s full of twists that are very unexpected. The characters are well developed, they each have a role to play and each of them play it so well. This story is ultimately about Austin Reyes and Dylan Carver, but the secondary and even the third characters are equally as important in reading this book.

Austin Reyes is a young man with his whole life ahead of him, but he’s being held back from leading that life. Not because his mother is poorly although she does depend on him a lot, but the fact that other evil influences surrounding Austin keep him from becoming the man he was meant to be.

Austin has so much to deal with, at work he puts up with more than anyone should ever have to. At home he’s looking after for his mother. No social life to speak of, friends are nowhere to be seen. He leads a very lonely existence.

When Austin can’t take any more abuse he leaves his home town of Easton. It’s scary to read and I was praying he’d be alright. Leaving all he has known without a penny to his name, but I was also relieved he was seeking more.

Dylan Carver has a profession I would have never in a million years have guessed. I have to say it brought some very sexy scenes into this story. Just…. WOW, so so good.

Dylan is attracted to Austin I was certain of it. I knew Austin found Dylan sexy, who wouldn’t, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure if anything would happen between them.

With twists at every corner life was unknown, scary at times, definitely unpredictable. Police, FBI, murder, rape, porn, relationships both M/M and M/F and even F/F. This book has it all.

I hope you read and meet Austin and Dylan’s friends. Every single one of them has a voice that speaks to you. There are two characters that you will instantly dislike but that is, oh, so natural.

There is so much I can say about this book, but I’m finding it difficult to not give any spoilers out. If you love gay romance and like your stories to have plenty of twists in it. Then this is the book for you. Happy reading.

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