Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Complicating by Noelle Adams


Complicating (Preston's Mill # 3)Complicating by Noelle Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just love books that make you laugh out loud and this one does that.

On a bet at a wedding Daisy sucks up her courage and wins the bet but taking it an unplanned totally unlike herself move with Carter. A guy she has just met. Based on that move Carter and herself will have a permanant connection.

I highly applaud Daisy for doing the right thing and letting Carter know. Carter is the man dreams are made of. He fully supports Daisy and steps back and accepts whatever relationship/non relationship that she wants. In fact, I think at times she tramples all over poor man.

Carter and Daisy are completely opposites. She has become an image people want her to be (town good girl) and Carter is biker dude at his best. She attempts to change Carter and kudos to him for realizing it and not changing who he is. Once I found out why Daisy is attempting to change him my heart melted.

These two are both working hard for whatever is best for their baby. Though all along there is the underlying sizzle of sexual attraction. They try to ignore that attraction and try the friendship route. They have to decide if they will settle for that our let go of caution to see if they can build a future together as a family.

This is a wonderful feel good story that I really enjoyed reading.

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