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Defiance by Sloane Kennedy

REVIEWED by Isa Jones 

Defiance (The Protectors, #9)Defiance by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It seems like a lifetime ago I started reading The Protectors Series by Bestselling Author Sloane Kennedy, however every time a new book comes out is like if I had just read them all yesterday. Sloane manages to connect each story beautifully keeping it current and fresh and each one touches a side of gay romance in an outstanding manner.

Nathan has worked all his life to maintain the perfect image, to stay on the straight and narrow of everything, Fear of thinking or doing otherwise goes against everything he has been taught by a narrow minded, bible basher parents. When his twin brother comes out he is repulsed by the mere idea of a brother who is gay, he acts in the only way he thinks to be right, bringing horrific consequences to Brody and changing the course of his life. Years pass and Nathan finds himself going against those ideas and ideals that drove his brother from his side, he is pursuing the political career he has always wanted, making him the subject of threats. When those threats seem to be including his brother, The protectors step in and send Vincent to look after Nathan.

Vincent despises everything that has to do with government. He once protected his country with pride an honour, but when the country turn its back on him and everything he once held dear, he sworn to never relate to anyone within the political spectrum. But fate as always intervenes and Nathan needs protection and Vincent was born to protect a man of his word and his honour never turns his back of a friend in need. When the two have to spend time in close proximity, lines begin to get crossed an soon both men realise that not only are they in danger of people who wont stop at nothing to destroy them, they are also in danger of loosing their hearts to one and another, and both know they wont be able to survive a loss again.

I loved this story from start to finish. Both Nathan and Vincent are so different but each character brings so much emotion to the story; each has its own demons and years of pushing people away has built a barrier around their hearts. I loved seeing them both fighting for what they want. As always Sloane makes the reader completely transfixed with the gripping storyline and all the passionate moments. Its simply PERFECTION.

I received and ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review and honestly I wish there were more stars to give.

5 DEFINITE BIG SHINY STARS!!! Joandisalovebooks Blog

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