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Fiercely Emma by J. Bengtsson

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar 

Fiercely Emma  (Cake Series Book Three)Fiercely Emma by J. Bengtsson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fiercely Emma (Cake Series Book Three) by J. Bengtsson

Hmmm where to begin with this? First of all, this is technically a standalone in the Cake series however, I would highly suggest reading books one and two in order to really appreciate Emma and her story.

What this family has gone through makes my heart ache. I can't even fathom what it must be like to grow up with the nasty shadows hanging over you. While Emma was safe at home, she still bore the brunt of her brothers kidnapping when her mother just couldn't and wouldn't cope. As a teen, Emma had to step in and be a mother to her siblings, look after the house, and try to keep the hope alive. All of these factors and so many more have made Emma the way she is when it comes to relationships. She's perfectly happy to have fun and enjoy herself, but refuses to allow herself to feel any more than the here and now. All of which is understandable. This all changes when she meets the lovely stuntman, Finn who makes her question everything she believes. Finn is pretty much like an overgrown puppy: he has endless energy, has a happy-go-lucky attitude, and despite the shitty hand he's been dealt, is full of positivity and good vibes. In other words, he's the complete opposite of Emma.

I enjoyed this book! I liked, understood, even experienced heartache for Emma. I felt so sorry for what she'd gone through and really wanted her to just loosen up and enjoy life without placing limitations. I felt that Finn was just perfect for her in that regard. He's the complete opposite of everything she finds attractive in a man and yet she can't help but be intrigued by him. He was perfect.

The book is set in the past and present so there's obviously some back and forth happening but it's written in a completely non-confusing way. We get to appreciate what happened all those years ago from another perspective and while I despised Emma's mother from 'before', I came to accept her eventually in the 'now'.

My only negative is that some of the writing felt a little disjointed - and this has nothing to do with the back and forth-ing. Nonetheless, this is absolutely an enjoyable read and the series is one I heartily recommend.

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