Country Angel by Erin Trejo

REVIEWED BY Lynette Kelly 

Country Angel
Erin Trejo

Loved loved loved this book!

We have one hot rock star Knox, after a tragedy that leaves him wishing he was dead, he gets a new life away from the limelight, on a farm in Georgia. He doesn't feel just exists until he meets his new neighbour Jules.  The hot blonde haired blue eyed Angel.  Jules has lead a sheltered life, watched and suffered abuse from an unloving father but remains strong willed and determined.

The story elvolves quickly, no faffing around, a hot romance with one hot man meets innocent girl and bang, A brilliant read.

I loved how the story had depth adding in the angst and emotional side of some hard story lines.
I was captivated by these characters and was fascinated with this book. I hope there is more to come!


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