Friday, 25 March 2016

Double Alchemy by Susan MacNicol

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Double Alchemy (Double Alchemy, #1)Double Alchemy by Susan Mac Nicol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The wonders of paranormal, they can take you to a place that is far from believable but yet you can very much believe it when engrossed in the story.
This book was all fantasy and I loved it. A world created very much like the one we live in today but with Witchhunters which obviously hunt witches,Warlocks and their Withinner and then there's the Fey's.

Quinn Fairmont a very powerful warlock and very good looking by all accounts, stunning is probably a more accurate word to describe this delicious male dominate. He is a very successful business man, caring for those less fortunate. He his very much respected by those that know him personally and actually even those that don't but it's only a selected few that know the real Quinn. Being a Warlock can be very tiring some days to the point of complete exhaustion and death is always a factor in his daily life when dealing with traitors, Witchhunters, the consortium and let's not forget his Withinner, that is Quinn's other half so to speak, not his partner, it's actually a part of him, another person living inside you is the only way I can describe it best.

Cade Mairston is a normal person, possibly? living his life, although a lonely one but never the less he's made something of himself. He doesn't have any family left, he lives on a houseboat with his feline, Marco Polo. Cade's life is going to change dramatically when he bumps into the gorgeous Quinn. Neither man can stop thinking about the other. It makes for a very interesting and most definitely hot read. Jesus, I could feel the sexual tension through the pages. When Quinn comes a knocking the houseboat will be rocking. LOL!! I'm telling you how that boat never sunk and become a submarine is a mystery.

If you love all things paranormal and a hot M/M Romance then this is the book for you. I would definitely recommend reading. There is a book two to this story which I am definitely going to read. There is no cliffhanger but you are left with lots of unanswered questions. Hearing more about Cade and Quinn can only be a good thing.

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