Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hunted Friends by Peter Ostermon


Hunted FriendsHunted Friends by Peter Ostermon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hunted Friends
Peter Ostermon

Aisha is a middle eastern girl that was separated from her best friend Ruth when they were young and Ruth's family relocated to the United States. The girls reconnect and Ruth makes the trip back to visit her friend Aisha.

There are some political issues and subterfuge that the girls get dragged into making for some exciting scenes.

While Hunted Friends had a good plot line and story to be told, I struggled with this one. The content of the story is definitely adult as there is extreme violence coupled with sexual content; the writing style is inclined to YA readers. The plot moved very quickly and at times so much so that it was completely unrealistic. Aisha and Ruth's extreme reactions to situations was very juvenile. Ruth's rapid incorporation into the middle eastern lifestyle was so over the top.

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