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Mixed Up by Emma Hart


Mixed UpMixed Up by Emma Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A quick, easy read from Hart, MIXED UP is a enemy's to lovers story filled with angst and raging hormones. Going from hating your best friends sister to wanting to sleep with her comes with its own special bag of issues-especially when your families are best friends and there are no secrets to be had. Everyone knows everything about everyone.

Parker Hamilton is a three star Michelin chef. He's a beast in the kitchen and a great guy out of it. Unless you're Raven, the passionate Greek brunette who lives across the street and happens to be Ryan, his best friends younger sister. Parker can't stand Raven and the feeling is mutual. Constantly at odds, arguing like an old married couple, fighting for the sake of fighting, and acting like children half the time, their immature behaviour began to get on my nerves. Raven is a smart, independent woman, who runs her own business, a bar named DIRTY where she mixes a mean cocktail to the locals of their home town Whisky Key, in Florida.

Parker and Raven have serious chemistry throughout the book. Their passion towards each other really grabs you, but it was of the sexual nature and didn't feel more than that for me. There was too much fighting between these two and not enough...feels. It wasn't until the last 15% that these two really divulged their feelings regarding the other, and it wasn't to each other, it was only to the reader. The depth of the emotions was a little light for me, I wished there had been more...POP to their "relationship".

Despite not being my cup of tea, MIXED UP by Emma Hart was a good read, but fell slightly flat for me. I can still appreciate the writing skills, and the great character development throughout the read, though. I loved the Greek flavour, the culture and all the mentions of some of my favourite food!

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