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Lost Rider by Harper Sloan


Lost Rider (Coming Home, #1)Lost Rider by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lost Rider is Book One in The Coming Home Series

Maverick Davis is heading back home after promising his siblings he'd be there for their dad's funeral. Going back home to a place he never wanted to see again. He's reeling after the loss of his career in the rodeo due to too many injuries.

Leighton James is the girl next door who's known the Davis' all their lives and is best friends with Quinn, Maverick's sister.

Leighton has had a deep crush on Maverick since being a teenager.

In a conversation with his brother, Clay, the night before he leaves to join the rodeo circuit Maverick says some very harsh things about Leighton. Which she overhears and is devastated.

Quite frankly at first I didn't care much for Maverick. He was quite a bit of a jerk and when he came back into town he again, was pretty mean to Leighton. But as the story went along I got to know the terrible childhood he had and that being mean to Leighton was his way of running from his feelings.

He soon finds out that Leighton is no pushover. She has her own business now and can take care of herself. My absolutely favorite part in this book was when she threw the pie in his face! I don't know who was more surprised her or Maverick! The townspeople loved it!

Maverick struggles in this book to find his way to putting down roots and decide on a future career.

I do think that Leighton should of made him suffer longer for being so mean to her but these two have known each other all their lives so overall it wasn't fast at all. By the end of the story Maverick proves to Leighton and to everyone around that he's there for keeps and his future includes her.

I absolutely love the secondary characters in this book. Quinn with her no-filter mouth. The stuff that comes out of her mouth that embarrasses her brothers and Leighton is absolutely hilarious.

Their brother, Clay is the strong silent type, that takes care of everyone. I think he might be my favorite. I know Quinn's story is next in the series but I really hope we get Clay's in the very near future.

This is a very well written book that I really enjoyed reading. It's not often that an author can have you disliking a character at the beginning of the book and have you loving them by the end.

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