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Revelation by Sloane Kennedy


Revelation (The Protectors, #7)Revelation by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After seven books it is clear to say I am completely hooked to these books and Sloane Kennedy is my go to Author for my MM fix.
I have said it before and I confidently say it again; I am in awe that after so many books, each of these stories are always original and always have everything I am looking in this books. Not only are the plots so well researched and written, the passion and romance between the leads is mesmerising.
Ethan's and Cain's story was delivered with such a powerful undertone for me it has been one of the most emotional books of Sloane's to date.

Revelation deals with two very opposite leads but with very similar characteristics. Both have scars. Some scars are the inner type, some are the ones you physically carry as a reminder of what life has thrown your way.

When Cain receives instructions of his next assignment, he never expected to find Ethan. Never expected to suddenly feel so drawn to the man who is on the run. Ethan is such a beautiful character inside and out. He placed his trust on someone who has hurt him in the worst possible way, yet he is resilient and resolute into doing anything in his power in order to protect those he loves.
Cain doesn't trust anyone after being betrayed and horribly hurt by someone from his past who left him marred and marked for life, however he can't explain how he almost craves Ethan's nearness and touch. Both men have lost so much yet destiny has brought them together and it's all their remarkable qualities that will ultimately help each other to find the love, trust and happiness each has seek and never thought could find.

This story was heartbreakingly beautiful. It dealt with strong issues of sexual and physical abuse and betrayal, but also the exceptional power of Love and how it can be found in the most unlikely of circumstances or when least expected. In perfect Sloane writing style I was completely drawn to this book and there was not a dull moment.

Unsurprisingly, Revelation has already become a Bestseller and I am grateful for the opportunity to have read yet another masterpiece from Sloane Kennedy. I am once again left waiting for the next instalment and those who have read this book and were privy to the snippet of what is yet to come know it will be another great read in The Protector Series.


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