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Tortured by Nicole Williams

REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard 

TorturedTortured by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TORTURED was an emotional, heart-pounding read that struck me straight out of the first few pages and kept the same tense, yearning until the end. This book tortured me with its suspense, angst, hurt and hope but it's not too long a book that it spins those feelings out for too long. However, there is discomfort and pain for the reader ahead.

First, I think that this book is best read without spoilers, maybe even without re-reading the blurb. Having read the blurb a month or so ago, I went in blind apart from the title. Torture is the name of the this game but it was so much more and wide than I'd realised and was so well written. I did have moments of flashback to 'Homeland' and this just shows how much this read ended up being my kind of thing.

The two main characters, Camryn and Brecken were the kind of high school boyfriend-girlfriend that is heartwarming, all-consuming and living their idea of forever. When they meet again, these two are utterly changed. Camryn was a victim of her circumstances and I can't hand on heart say I felt she was a strong woman, but who would be in her situation? She was a character with depth, I liked her and I wanted the best for her. I definitely did not understand her pattern of thinking but from what I know factually of these scenarios, her actions and thoughts were consistent with reality. Brecken was just all that is good; I loved him. He wasn't unrealistic in his deep affection and integrity, he was just that kind of man and I want to put an order in for one just like him. These two were connected very deeply and their growth together was absorbing reading. There's a third character in this story and I hated him. Enough said. The story and writing flowed naturally and beautifully. I was running through various ending-scenarios in my head and events were both slightly predictable and unpredictable; neither of those variations spoilt my enjoyment. I would recommend this book to most readers and advise a tissue in hand, maybe to wring and rip or maybe to wipe a tear.

This is another great book from Nicole Williams and it is again different from other books she writes. I love this versatility she is able to bring to storylines. I'm adding this to my hard copy purchase pile.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for a honest review.

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