Saturday, 22 April 2017

Turbulence by Whitney G.

REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard 

Turbulence (Turbulence, #1)Turbulence by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great, absorbing read this was, it had the power to make me feel so much and many of those emotions were irritation, hate, frustration but there was also hope and lots of amusement. TURBULENCE was an unusual read in that neither of the main characters were likeable for quite some time but their story and event was just had me completely hooked. As with a few of Whitney G's books, there was a slice of 'this would never really happen in real life' but I can get on board with that concept.

I'm not sure I have the right adjectives to describe the character of Senior Captain Jake but jerk and robot are two. He was such a fun character to listen to and Joe Arden really brought his POV to life in the audiobook. There was character growth, that growth was the slowest burn ever, but it was there. I can say I was eventually converted to like, not love. Gillian spent a significant time of the book being a weak, sappy woman but I did feel sorry for her and when she showed her backbone I was all about engagement. These two had intense chemistry focused mainly on the physical but it was fun reading and I enjoyed the banter (reluctant banter in Jake's case) between these two. Despite Gillian not being the strongest woman, I really enjoyed her journey and the backstories for both her and Jake prior to meeting one another.

TURBULENCE provided an enjoyable flight of angst, fun, irritation, investment and hope. I thoroughly enjoyed this as an audio and both narrators absolutely nailed the characters. I'm excited to see a little free epilogue so I'm off to read that next.

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