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Revelry by Kandi Steiner


RevelryRevelry by Kandi Steiner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kandi Steiner, you're my new hero.

I signed up for this ARC ages ago, nearly forgetting that I had it on my TBR. Then it popped up on my kindle and the rest is history-so they say.

I am in complete and utter AWE over the brilliance that is REVELRY. Completely forgetting the blurb and forgoing the opportunity to read it, I dove right in without any expectations and the AMAZING book surprised everything beyond my wildest dreams.

I wish I could relay to you how wonderful this book is. The writing, the characters, the pace and poignancy and the perfectly imperfect lives of everyone in it.

Grief is a horrible feeling. In comes and goes, it sticks around, it moulds you, and it can define you. If you let it. Anderson let it mould him. For the last seven years, he's been locked up tighter than a Swiss bank and no one could break down his impenetrable walls. Guilt is also a horrible feeling. It never leaves until you want it to. And in order for it to leave, you need to forgive yourself. But doing that is easier said than done. A hermit by night and hard worker, jack of all trades by day, Anderson is lost, lonely and in purgatory grieving the loss of his beloved cousin, Dani. There isn't anything anyone can say or do to bring him back from the dark place he keeps himself locked in. The only place he thinks he now deserves.

Divorce. Unimaginable pain. Loving someone but knowing that it's not enough can tear you asunder. From the person you thought you were, to the person you've become. Wren is stuck. She's stuck in between the person she's longed to be and the person she was while married. Her divorce was necessary, but horrible nonetheless. Taking time away from her business, her friends and her ex, she tries to find a way back to her true self. She just never realized what going through a divorce meant until she left town to heal on her own and without her best friend, ex husband, Keith

Finding a place just north of Seattle, Wren has come across a gaggle of beloved individuals and their families in a small town about an hour away from her old life. Figuring that it's enough of a distance to get the job done, she's immediately immersed in the daily love of the folks from Gold Bar. Everyone is on hand to greet her upon her arrival, and they welcome her instantly into their crew with open arms.

The thing is, when two people so forlorn, so encapsulated by fear and heart ache and trust issues are near, they're like magnets, they're drawn to each other-they can't help but be pulled by this invisible force to want to try and console the other. Even though the intent to share their fears and worries and biggest kept secrets to one another is well intentioned, healing is still required and it may or may not be the best to do it with someone in such a similar mind space. Or is it? Maybe it's the opposite, and what they both really need is for someone to empathize exactly with what their feeing and help them be brought out of the funk, and do it as a team.

I am completely blown away by Steiner's writing skills. This book ebbed and flowed perfectly and catapulted me to the small town north of Seattle with it's wonderful characters. From Momma Von to Ron, from Rev the cat and even the big "B" Sarah, I was transfixed by this beautiful story. It filled me with hope and joy, sadness and then hope and joy all over again. I don't think I've ever felt such an array of emotions while reading a book before. I feel reborn. Renewed.

What I loved most was how realistic the theme was. How incredibly pure and raw and uninhibited the story was. I especially appreciate how this book leaves you with a little something to think about. It wasn't a true HEA in the very essence of the phrase, but it left you just hoping that it all worked out in the end.

I want more from Steiner. Sign me up.

ARC generously received in exchange for an honest review

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