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Two Wrong by Donna Alam


Two WrongsTwo Wrongs by Donna Alam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two Wrongs hit all my buttons. After One Hot Scot I was anxious to find out Ivy's story.

This is my favorite Donna Alam to date.

Ivy ran from a relationship for multiple reasons. Not all of her reasons I would agree with but, hey, it's not my life. She returns to her small home town in Scotland and opens a hair salon. Nat, her close friend and colleague is a riot and kept me laughing. Ivy herself is pretty saucy so the banter was constant entertainment. You get to spend some time with Fin and Rory from One Hot Scot.

Alam's wit kept my in stitches and she translate it so well the written page. The conversations flow naturally. The characters are so relatable.

Dylan may have made some bad decisions post Ivy splitting but can't hardly blame him. He got his heart broken. He is young, attractive and had people throwing themselves at him at all the time. Everyone but the one he wanted.

The chemistry between Dylan and Ivy is page melting. Alam can't write a sexy scene that will steam up a window.

I truly enjoyed this Dylan and Ivy's story. Two Wrongs is a funny second chance romance. There is enough drama to move your heart but plenty of humor thrown in as well.

It isn't completely necessary to read One Hot Scot before this one but warning there will be some spoilers in Two Wrongs for the first book. I would suggest reading them in order. Here's hoping we get Nat's story in the future. ;-)

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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