Monday, 11 January 2016

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid

REVIEWED By Micky Barnard

Friends Without Benefits (Knitting in the City, #2)Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my favourite so far of the Knitting in the City series. Elizabeth was a wonderful heroine and Nico wasn't half bad too. I enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth as a lead character and she is wonderfully humble and perhaps a little self-deprecating but she has a great fun side. She doesn't take life too seriously or herself and professional her skills. She's one of my favourite heroines ever.

"[Nico's Heartfelt Apology x (My Mistakes +My Regrets)] + Reasons Why = Magical Forgiveness"

This was a perfect second chances romance but with the Penny Reid wit that sets her books apart from others. Nico and Elizabeth are complicated, their connection was wrapped up in Elizabeth's first love Garrett. Young tragedy coloured their friendship and any ensuing relationships in future. Nico was the king of hot, teasing and he was Italian. I adored reading through the translations at the end.

"Italians who speak Italian should be illegal, or at least come with warning labels - may make your panties explode."

I chose the open doors love scene (when you read it you'll understand), why would I choose closed doors?! These two were exploding chemistry and I loved it. The knitting ladies reign as ever and Nico's family backstory was such an enjoyable element. Give me more of these knitting stories!

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