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Leap Of Faith by ML Rodriguez


Leap of Faith (La Flor Series, #1)Leap of Faith by ML Rodriguez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Rating

Faith meets the love of her life at 17 and marries him at 18. Jake is in the military and a single father. A few into their marriage she loses Jake. Not much explanation what happened to him until later in the book.

Leap of Faith goes back and forth between present and past, giving us the back story a little at a time.

Faith is lucky enough to find another love years after Jake's death in Zane, a local fireman, who is ex-military. There are several large leaps in time that are skimmed over.

Rodriquez gives us several interesting twist and leaves the ending opening for the next book in the series with no real cliffhanger which is nice.

I struggled with the writing and some of Faith's inner dialogue wasn't really believable or relate-able. Overall Faith is an impressive character in overcoming losing her husband and raising her step-daughter.

Leap of Faith had great potential and with a little work could be a great series.

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