Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Soul Mate by Anna Santos

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Soul Mate (Immortal Love Series, #1)Soul Mate by Anna Santos
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anna a young woman/shifter called a hybrid was in search of answers, seeking help for her brother Kevin who was in coma. Her parents no longer in there lives since they were killed. She hunts down these killers to avenge her parents.

Anna is strong, she fights to help others, she has no time for romance, nor does she ever wish to meet anyone that could complicate her life. She has little family left and a best friend but in her eyes that's all see needs. Believing her whole life that hybrids do not have soul-mates was never a problem for her until the day she arrived in the small town. A very unexpected meeting with a hot guy called Shane only turned out to be the sheriff and to top it off he was also a shifter but the werewolf kind, that was definitely a complication she could do without.

Shane could not believe that he found his soul mate, he waited so long he thought she never existed. He had to have her, know more about her, be with her. The moment hit him like a freight train, she was his no doubt about it. He wasn't sure why Anna was keeping so many secrets from him, he'd do anything for her, go anywhere with her, was she not aware that he would die for his one and only true mate.

Anna finds it extremely difficult to trust but she feels like she can trust Shane her soul mate whom by the way she never dreamed of in a million years. Can she take the plunge and open up to him before it's too late? Will Shane confess all and help his mate? Will they mate before Anna becomes even weaker and then will be of no help to her brother?

So much happens in the story you will be furiously turning the pages. This is book one and doesn't end on a cliffhanger, thank God but it does leave you with lots of questions that you will want answers to and book two is nowhere in sight. That is the only thing I am disappointed about, the not knowing is harsh on the mind and the wait can sometimes be too long that you forget and lose interest. So hopefully by the time paranormal lovers read this book the next one is out.

Overall this was a great read, the romance was just the way I like, hot and steamy and possessive. Fabulous characters and fantastic story line. Very pleased I had the opportunity to review this book.

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