Monday, 7 May 2018

Bro Code by Kendall Ryan

Tina Shobe 

Bro CodeBro Code by Kendall Ryan

One of the Bro Code rules is that you don't date, make out and even feel attraction for your bet friend's sister. This is something that Barrett feels strongly about. Nick and Barrett have been friends for years. Barrett has been a part of the family for many years. Growing up he spent more time with Nick's family than with his own. Barrett comes home for Nick's dad's retirement party. The underlying attraction that Ava and Barrett have had for years comes bubbling to the surface.

Barrett does he best to fight but Ava doesn't let him get away with it. Barrett doesn't feel like they will development a real relationship due to distance and the fact that he's super busy trying to make partner in the law firm he works for and Ava has taken over running her dad's factory after he's forced to retire due to his health.

When Barrett is faced with a possible career making case that involves hurting Ava. He has to decide what he wants his future to be.

Ava has to makes some very tough decisions in regards to the factory.

I love how they were able to work through the hurt and misgivings to join forces for a better outcome for them all.

I was surprised how accepting Nick was of Ava and Barrett's relationship when he was told about it. I expected him to atleast punch Barrett once. I must be a little blood thirsty.

I love how her Mom saw right through them. Mom's 'see' everything. Especially things we aren't even aware of yet.

I also loved the different aspect this story has. We have a build up of attraction, we have sexual chemistry, we have relationship and real life struggles. We also have dashes of humor.

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