Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Exhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick

Ann Meemken

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rick is such a unique and incredible character. I loved him in the Everything series. I couldn't wait to read his story. Rick is a rock icon and loved by many. He enjoys his life style. Lately feels that there is something missing in his life. He is in search of the missing piece or pieces.

I love Rick's story. I enjoyed everything about this book. In this story you see so many different sides of Rick. In the Everything series he is portrayed as a bad boy rocker that could charm the pants off of you. In this story he is so much more. He is charming, passionate, and caring. There was a few instances where he was vulnerable. I loved watching a softer side of him come out. The connection that Rick, Lennon and Coral share is truly beautiful. The icing on the cake was the rock concert with all of my favorite book rock stars all in one place.

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