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The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay

Joanne Swinney 

The Ruthless GentlemanThe Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s basically your must read of 2018. Louise Bay never fails to draw readers into her stories of love, power and sexy encounters that thrill the knickers off of us.

The Ruthless Gentleman AKA Hayden Wolf. Jesus, I wanted to board that man, I mean Yacht and spend my days seeing to all his needs. I know, I know never going to happen, but a girl can dream.

Hayden had to get away it was at the insistence of his ex-military brother. Hayden’s brother was very clear on what instructions had to be carried out. At first I thought WOW! This guy is a little over the top, but he didn’t make up the rule, well not in this case. Every other time Hayden is a man in control. He speaks, he gets it’s that simply. But with a spy in his corporation he’s willing to do what it takes to flush him or her out.

Avery is a very motivated young woman, she lives, breaths and works extremely hard to help out back home. Both her brother and Father who would not wish for his daughter to work herself into the ground, rely on Avery. She wants her brother to able to live a better life, and for her father to get the help he needs. Don’t even bother asking me about the Mother. She doesn’t even deserve that title.

Avery has always remained professional while working. She expects the highest quality of care given to each of her guests. To say she is passionate is an understatement. Maybe it’s not hat she wanted for her life, but she’s doing it and doing it right.

Hayden is obviously attracted to Avery, but with so much going on it’s hard for him to commit to anything. Plus he strangely doesn’t want to get Avery into trouble. Yep, Hayden is falling for the pretty, smart and hard working Stewardess.

Avery is finding each day harder to not think about Hayden. He is after all a sexy Gentleman with fire in his belly. It’s not titled The Ruthless Gentleman for nothing.

What will happen to Avery’s brother? Will Hayden’s brother uncover the spy?
Will Hayden and Avery end up together? Many questions you will most definitely want the answers to.

Happy Reading!

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