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Carry and Drag by Michelle Frost

Joanne Swinney

Carry and Drag (Open Wounds, #1)Carry and Drag by Michelle Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The sexual tension is off the charts. This story had me gripped from the very beginning. I have had the pleasure of reading something completely new, I’ve never read anything about tattooist’s or powerlifting in a story until now. It was very uplifting (HA! I just made a pun) I could have quite easily said that I meant that. Anyways moving on, doesn’t take much for me to get side tracked, but once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. I was dreading reading ‘THE END’

Dagen Rourke, just one of the Rourke’s brother’s, God I can’t wait to hear about this family, is fighting fit ready to enter his next competition, this man is built like a brick house. Solid in more ways than one.

Dagen’s character was like a magnet to me, I fell in love instantly. He’s super sweet yet so strong, what’s not to like? Sadly he is gay so my chances of a hook up are nil pois, try to forget he’s just a magnificent fictional man, I did, still do apparently. Well, no one can say I’m not passionate when I fall in love I fall hard. Fictional or not.

Ollie is a man in need of some serious TLC. He is so nice, and deserves happiness in his life. He certainly didn’t expect to end up where he did, but it’s a good move. He might have only been working at, Open Wounds for a short time, but everyone there looks out for each other. I sense tension between a couple of characters, and I am eager to know more.

Ollie and Dagen might not follow any typical dating rules, but who cares? Love is love wherever it is found, and no matter how quick. Dagen should know by now only the strongest survive.

Michelle Frost a thousand thank you’s for introducing me to a whole new world. I’ll be following this series like my life depended on it.

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