Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Manic Monday by Piper Rayne

Tina Shobe 

Manic Monday (Charity Case, #1)Manic Monday by Piper Rayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Victoria is one very strong woman whom I greatly admire. Due to her mom's declining health she moves her daughter, Jade, and herself back home to Chicago. They are now living with her mom while she is working a full time job and going back to school to finish her degree. She has no time, no desire for dates/relationships. Plus no trust due to cheating ex.

Reed is beyond awesome in every way. He was the best man for her ex in their wedding but he doesn't have any qualms about that. He and her ex had a falling out many years ago. Victoria really struggles with that and the fact that he's a lawyer. He has so much patience and slowly breaks down every wall and gains Victoria's trust. It was so beautiful that these two connect on some many levels.

Reed gets the job offer of a life time but it means moving out of the area and possibly leaving Victoria and Jade behind. Victoria has to decide whether to uproot Jade and her own life to follow Reed.

I can't decide which point I like best in the book.....when Reed and Victoria first run into each other at Jade's school and right in front of the busy body mom's he leaves all their's mouths hanging open, including Victoria's when he passes by her and says 'Nice seeing you again. We'll have to catch up." or when Jade's dad shows up to pick her up and Victoria's mom has lots of snide comments..... Love that woman!

This was a wonderful easy flowing, warm, fun read.

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