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The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay


The Ruthless GentlemanThe Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have never read anything by Louise Bay, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be now!

THE RUTHLESS GENTLEMAN was brilliant. I loved every single page. I was sucked in immediately and I had a very hard time putting this book down. I wish I could have crushed this awesome book in one sitting, but as you all know, life has a funny way of preventing that from happening.

Avery Walker is a saint, but she is drowning in guilt that left her brother unable to walk. Her mother walked out on her and her family after her brother Matthew's accident 7 years prior and instead of wallowing in misery, Avery takes a stand to help out her father, and instead of going to University like she always dreamed, she sets off on a long adventure of Yachting to make as much money as possible for her brother's medical bills.

Hayden Wolf makes a life out of buying and selling companies. As of late, a rival company has bested him for the last time and he wants to do everything in his power to prevent Cannon from stealing his next merger right out from under him. He has decided to go rouge, and Yacht for 8 weeks where there is no wifi, no cell service, and somewhere no one can find him, or any details about the "deal" he is working on.

Hayden never expected to have and INSTANT attraction to Avery. He wasn't on the yacht to make friends or to sleep with anyone-he was there for business and business alone. But best laid plans are always going to fail and what he did find was scorching chemistry and instant trust with Avery, something he has never felt before, ever. As for Avery, the attraction is there is well. But it's against all her morals to be involved with someone who she is working for. There are rules when you are yachting, and her being the Main Stewardess on the Athena makes any client/boss shenanigans or relations nearly illegal.

What are rules for? Breaking of course! Despite her high morals, and her need to help out her brother with his medical bills, Avery cannot stop the trajectory that she and Hayden are on. The pull is too strong and the need to finally do something for her and her alone is too hard to resist. He is enigmatic, clever and smart-she is beautiful, honest and lovely. The need to be captivated by the other is irresistible-it's as if these two were destined from the start.

Bay clearly has a knack for creating wonderful, vibrant characters. She has honed her craft quite well if you ask me. I want to dig right back in and read this again, but I think I need to venture into another one of her well reviewed books.

There were so many layers built into this story. A detailed background of all of the subs characters had as many particulars as her mains. Who knew corporate espionage and a sexy love story would roll so well together?! I didn't!

I would throw my hand in a hat for another ARC from Louise Bay if given the opportunity. Her writing style flowed flawlessly and it was just so intense and perfect. I loved how she made me want to punch and hug Hayden simultaneously without me wanting to chuck the book right in the bin. The dynamics, "logistics", and overall story line were so engaging, I could have kept reading and reading about Avery and Hayden for days.

A smashing hit from cover to cover!

*ARC Received generously in exchange for my honest review*

***Reviewing by Jess for JoAndIsaLoveBooks Blog***

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