Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Zero Warning: An Asher Radman Mystery by John Charles

Joanne Swinney 

Zero Warning: An Asher Radman Mystery (Asher Radman - By The Numbers Book 0)Zero Warning: An Asher Radman Mystery by John Charles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! That was quite a journey I just took. I have to say I didn’t select this book myself. A friend thought it would be something I liked, and just goes to show how well she knows me because I loved it.

Mateo was a complete surprise to me. Here I thought I was reading about a school teacher, well technically he is, but he is so much more. This man has lived with danger most of his life. Sometimes willingly placed himself in the most dangerous situations trying to protect others around him.

What Mateo once was is supposedly no longer, he has a new life now. He will always be on his guard, and this makes me sad. He definitely deserves to live a life free from looking over his shoulder, or taking extra precautions just to do simple things which many of us do on a regular basis like eating out.

Mateo was missing the one thing he believes he wasn’t able to have in his life, love. That was until he met the handsome, Isaac. Mateo and Isaac are electric together it only cements my feelings for Mateo to have a happily ever after.

Isaac is unaware of the situation Mateo has found himself in. He does however know when something is up, and don’t think he’s quite ready to live and breath the life Mateo has to lead. Things, Life becomes increasingly more complicated.

This story had me hooked, it was intense and scary at times, but it was also very dare I say romantic? I found myself smiling at the growing relationship between Mateo and Isaac. Don’t get me wrong this story was no fairytale more action thriller with sexy times to boot.

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