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Good Girl by Jana Aston

Melinda Lazar 

Good GirlGood Girl by Jana Aston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good Girl by Jana Aston

I don’t know what to say after this. I just don’t. I loved the crap out of this book: the writing, these characters, Aston’s perverted sense of humor all combined for a five star read. So damn good.

Rhys is your typical (as much as Aston can give us typical ANYthing) millionaire playboy - he has no time or inclination to have a relationship with anyone however, that’s not to say he goes with getting any action. I mean, he’s hot, ffs! Who wouldn’t want a piece?! Rhys, bless his poor deluded heart, prefers to *pay* for the sexy times. And, as so eloquently pointed out in the book, he’s not paying for the sex. He’s paying for the flavor of the night to leave. With no expectations or feelings.

Lydia is hands-down my favorite of all of Aston’s heroines. She was fun, she was sweet, she was NERDY (love that!), she was naive but not in a way that’ll make you roll your eyes. Aaaaand she was a virgin but she’s quite convinced she has untapped slut potential. Naturally, she wants our (well, *my*) Rhys to devirginate her and what better way to accomplish that than to set up a virgin auction?! None, apparently. Good times were had by all because honestly, I don’t think anyone is capable of writing a devirginating-scene quite like Aston.

There is absolutely not one single thing I would have changed or did not enjoy about Good Girl. I adored Aston’s humor and her delivery of the whole story. I adored the main characters. I even adored the secondary characters! I loved every. single. thing. Now I just need Aston to be a good girl and write Good Time because after that complete wtf moment, I need the next book stat!

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

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