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Unbroken by Sloane Kennedy

Isa Jones

Unbroken (The Protectors #12)Unbroken by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the things I love about Sloane's books is the incredible amount of knowledge that is invested in the topic, whatever the storyline, you can be sure to come out the other way with a very good understanding of the issue at hand. Loss, tragedy, self-harming, suicide, abuse, mental health, to name a few are some of the themes that have made the protector series bestsellers and why to this date remain such guarantee of a good read. There is never a moment where you feel you know what is going to happen or how things will play out as the author always provides for an emotional read with many elements that will keep you coming back for more.

Unbroken was a powerful story, it was an intense read and I loved every second. You know you will be getting a good book when the author tells you to have tissues at the ready, however, no amount of tissues could stop my tears whilst I read. I've lost all control with previous books in the series but with this one, I was a goner, completely and utterly reduced to sobs, but I knew all the tears will be worth it because I was getting an unforgettable story. I was desperate for the characters to get their own book after reading Atonement, and the wait was truly worth it.

Vaughn and Aleks are two beautiful characters but each will have to overcome so much to free those demons of their past. I feel it will be unfair to say much. I normally go all out and give a recap of what the story is all about, but with Unbroken I just want you to let Vaugh and Aleks tell you their story, I want you to experience what I did, they will touch your heart in an unimaginable way and their powerful tale will leave a mark that will remind us of one of the greatest reads from this series.

Thank you Sloane for another unforgettable couple!

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